Will you trade with me, #OneLastTime?


Takoyaki anyone?

I’ve taken up making Artist Trading Cards (ATC) again. Rather, I’ve found a pack of unopened cards of various stock – and, as is my mantra or something – use only what you have.

That probably made no sense. Good news- my cards are up for trade! They always were up for trade it’s that…uh…I haven’t blabbed about it until last week.

Sound like a deal? It will only cost you a stamp! or stamps if you’re living anywhere that isn’t ‘Murica.

Please, peruse the various cards I’ve been posting on my Instagram. I’ve even dug up my old ones! Whoa! Slow down there! I’ve only got a limited stock. Take a number, have a potato.

Crossovers. When two of your favorite fandoms collide – what’s not to love. It’s like going to a show and the opening act is another favorite band. It’s like pizza topped with fries. A grilled cheese with a runny fried egg fried right in the middle. Am I right? No?

If you don’t get out much like I do, a lot of crossover ideas come around. My favorite crossovers that I love to doodle, if you haven’t noticed in previous posts are The Hobbit and Skyrim. C’mon – both have dragons, magic, elves, dudes who hate elves, elves who hate dudes, and wheels of cheese.


Spoiler: Bilbo absorbs the soul of that one dragon. I’ll leave it up to you to guess which dragon. Starts with an “S”.

Of course, I want in on the whole #OneLastTime trend – some of my previous #DoodleADay drawings included a crossover with some familiar line.

Other crossovers had Bilbo in the world of Miyazaki – flying on Totoro or coming across a sootball.

Got any ideas where Bilbo and the company do some sort of thing (preferably badass and/or silly) #OneLastTime?

Been trying to think up of a Star Wars crossover – but the only scene I could think of is the Vader vs. Luke scene right where it becomes an awkward family reunion. How appropriate would “Join the Dark Side #OneLastTime” be?

Aliens vs. Bilbo?



He’s almost literally a butthead. Now you can’t unsee it. Unless you already saw it. Dangit.

Who’s back? Squires of Dimness are back, that’s who.


With my doodles seeing an improvement in using lining pens I revisited the ever-absent SoD. Their designs are about the same, but it’s great seeing them in better skin tones and solid lines.

As for comics coming back…uh…I’ll get back to you on that.

The nice thing with my abundance of extra time is that a new comic may come…soon. Scared yet?

If you’d like to refresh your memory of these losers, head over here where you’ll see my latest adventure in cross-dressing these guys.


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