Happy 2015!

‘Allo, all! New year, new resolution to update this blog more frequently as I resolved to do each January. This is, like, my 4th time, probably. I guess this is my January tradition. Hey, at least I’m keeping it consistent, yeah?

Anyhoo, 2014 has been very good to me, doodle-wise. Much so that I’ve hit the 300 mark of my #DoodleADay! Some doodles I’m quite proud of, some…eh, were doodled just so I didn’t miss a day. Important thing was that I kept the pencil moving each day.

Quick recap of last few months’ doodles.


Been working on finishing up this small notebook which has mostly doodles in ink and pencil. Fanart doodles, of course, including some Game Of Thrones/A Song Of Ice And Fire house sigils. Nah, not really a fan of House Greyjoy, but I do like the kraken sigil.



So who hasn’t seen the Star Wars Ep VII teaser? I teared up and squealed like a little kid. So I’m a little excited. Other than going googly over the return of the Millennium Falcon, I love the little ball droid – BB-8. His pattern, whole mostly blurred from rolling around, reminded me a little bit of the Katamari the Prince of All Cosmos rolls. He teams up with the little droid and hopes that he can hit the goal in the limited time his jerk of a dad gives him. Keep rolling, little guy!


Moar Star Wars! I’m quite proud of myself – I finally got the hang of doodling Stormtroopers. Just in time for Christmas so that I can doodle one with a Santa hat. One of these days I’ll have to work on doodling a twerking Stormtrooper. Looks like that’s this year’s goal.


Oh, my little Squire Thorn! I find that he gets smaller and smaller so I’m never too sure what age he’s supposed to be. He may as well be bumped down to elementary school age. I was on a doodle binge here and Thorn needed to be drawn in some uncomfortable pose. He’s probably playing a really strenuous game of Simon Says and he’s about to lose.

But wait – there’s more! Doodles…from a tablet!

Tab…let? Yup. Guess who’s kinda entered into the realm of digital doodles. I’m still warming up to using the thing, though, now I understand why tablet users really like using the really fancy Cintiq models. Until I can muster the cash to lay down for one of those, I’ll be using my little Bamboo tablet. What’s it made so far? Take a look:

Art courses have finally paid off.

Art courses have finally paid off.

Took a while for me to relax, let loose, and just doodle. What did I start out with – a hot dog of all things! Don’t forget the mustard. No onions, please.


Amount of f*cks given from Bilbo: 0

What’s that? You were hoping you wouldn’t see another stupid Bilbo doodle?


Some day, her prince will serve. Until then, she’s hanging out with dwarves.

Fairytale world, hangs out with a bunch of dwarves…there’s a pattern there somewhere. This Snow White is neither helpless or played by an actress who once starred in some vampire movie.

New tools, new supplies, and a new year mean MOAR doodles! Here’s to a new year of doodlage, crafting, and writing.

And what happens when I hit #DoodleADay 365/365? Start all over again, duh.



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