Hourly Comics Day!

Wow, guess what, kids! Not only am I posting again, but I participated, for the first time, in Hourly Comic Day! Though, I wasn’t aware of it until the day of – luckily I was perusing through Tumblr to see a blog I follow post a few of his. I nearly didn’t do it thinking I was too late.

My first thought was that I had to post a comic every hour for 24 hours. I mean, I could have. Then I read that comics are created and posted for ever hour you’re awake. WHEW!

Many artists’ comics are slice-of-life-ish – each comic a little story of what they did that hour. Mine, however, were just a mish-mash of favorite movies, games, randomness, and imaginings of real-life situations. I even squeezed in a few Squires of Dimness in there toward the end when I was kind of running out of ideas. I’m patting myself on the back since I didn’t think I’d post as much as I did. Even with my hand cramping, my arm aching – it was definitely a lot of fun!

My comics were posted on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter – but here’s the whole lot of em’ below. Enjoy!

Have you participated in Hourly Comic Day too? I think I’ll set myself a reminder for next time so I’m mentally prepared.




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