Drawing Meats of the wurst kind

Let the doodles and meat puns commence!

I recently met with a few fellow artist pals who came up with the idea of forming a drawing group – complete with a cool name, logo, and blog! We are…



The blog is quite new, and there’s still much dust to settle. But stop by and take a look at some of the artists who are in the group. And, if ever we all meet outside of the interwebs, we’ll have business cards to exchange!

Speaking of things that are printed – I can finally check off making stickers of my doodles on my list. I mean…other than the Squires of Dimness, that is (no, I didn’t forget those guys!).
In a few weeks I’ll have a cute book of little stickers – and I may have a little giveaway! Here’s what a few of the stickers will look like:


No shortage of hot dogs in any of my doodle collections.

Ah, tablet doodlage…you are still quite a mystery to me. I have to say that I’m slowly getting the hang of using the little Wacom Bamboo. I’m not so much all thumbs as before, though my best doodles on this thing seem to be disgruntled hot dogs and angry videogame characters over salad. Oh and trees!


Well well well…if it isn’t my old nemesis…mustard.


Sorry, Cullenites, this is as sexy as I’ll ever draw him.


Am I hired yet?

Of course, unless you have the super shmancy, super awesome Cintiq, hand/eye coordination is likely the first obstacle to tackle. I’m a bit more comfy now – and, who knows, I may shell out for an Intuos. And in the far future…my dreams may take me to the Cintiq. Until then, the Bamboo will have to put up with more hotdogs and fanart of my favorite characters in the most unflattering situations.


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