Sweet MEATup

Sweets and (Drawing) Meats

Sweets and (Drawing) Meats

Sweet! This past Sunday, us folks in Drawing Meats had another meetup in sunny Redwood City. A small, but good turnout – even a new artist has joined us this time!

Don't talk. Drawing.

Don’t talk. Drawing.

A round of trifold doodles, six panel comics and an illustration jam were among the activities we did.

But is she single?

But is she single?

Based on a true story.

Based on a true story.

We didn’t do an illustration jam the last time – it’s somewhat similar to the six-panel comic, except each artist adds their contribution to a single scene. And there wasn’t a heart-racing time limit! I think. But here’s the epic result:

Only Superpup has the power to intervene.

Only Superpup has the power to intervene.

Hope you’ll come by the Drawing Meats page to check out all of the trifolds and six panel comics!

A few other things we started for this and future meetups – we’ve also started inviting local artists to join either on our Facebook group page or Meetups.com. We’d LOVE to see more artists join and offer some fun, inspiring ideas as well as places to hold meetups.

If you’re not around the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to attend artist meetups – check out Meetups.com to find local groups or start your own! There’s no such thing as too much drawing :D.


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