Game Girls Do it Better

I finally decided (sorta) on a theme and went with it last week.

It all started with Ysolda, one of the many characters a Dragonborn will run into in the dragon-infested world of Skyrim. I can’t pinpoint why, out of all the NPCs, I picked Ysolda – the kind gal who wanders the streets of Whiterun studying the ways of mercantile and trading with the Kajit. It was probably because she was one of the nicer residents who didn’t crap all over your character after saving he world.


“It’s a fine day with YOU around!”

Remembering a WIP, it was decided that the week’s theme had to be girl characters in videogames – in games I’ve actually played, that is.

To get the ball rolling, I finally, FINALLY finished my Commander Shepard fan art. Rough around the boob edges, but she turned out alright. I’m a late bloomer in the Mass Effect series – powering through all three as, of course, woman Shepard. I’ve got a mad woman crush on her. Or, rather, I wish I was her.


What is it about her that has nearly her entire crew wanting to get into her pants?

I was never, and never will be good at Street Fighter. When Street Fighter II was the arcade game to line up your quarters, I was very intrigued by the one single woman in the line up of characters. I had to at least try the game and play as Chun Li. I sucked. But from then on I thought she was the awesomest lady in videogames. I even tried to dress up as her one Halloween. Anyhoo, ages later my drawing skills have finally reached the point where I could draw her, and have her look recognizable.


Uh…it’s the split second right before she leans her chin into her hand.

Ok, so Chun Li wasn’t the first gal I played in games. Super Mario 2 came around and I had Princess Toadstool do nearly all the work. She did all the jumping, veggie picking, Shy Guy hurling in her gown and heels. Now that’s pretty admirable.


You gotta give zero f*cks when you live in a world where the vegetation have eyes.

Eh? Oh, you know her as Princess Peach. I’m old enough to remember when she was first introduced to the US audience as Toadstool. Made more sense to me if she’s ruling a kingdom of fungi!

I could have gone with Aerith, Tifa, or Yuffie if I’m picking past RPG gals. But I went with Cecilia from Wild Arms. Favorite thing about the game at the time was how the characters had specific tools to use outside of battles. I especially liked Cecilia’s tear drop and clock tools.


“…with that tear in your hand…”

Ya know what, I’m giving myself a pat on the back with this theme. I stuck with it and did a pretty good job on each of the drawings. It was also fun remembering the games I loved back in the day – maybe I’ll dig up my collection and play through Wild Arms…if I can find it.

Speaking of themes – hope you’ll stop by my Instagram, Tumblr, or Twitter! This week’s theme is also a walk through memory lane with 80s nostalgia – characters & toys I loved as a kid!







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