Wrath of What? On Patreon?

I’m living the dream, finally!

Or, rather, I’ve taken one of many steps in trying to live the dream…finally.

I’m talking about…my Patreon page!

All you need is smiles and dorky doodles!

All you need is smiles and dorky doodles!

Yup! I just launched it this week after seeing a few of my friends set up theirs. Like a lot of artists out there – I’d love to make a bit of money off my work.

Of course, I don’t expect to be making enough to even buy a 12 pack of Copics any time soon, but knowing that I tried makes me feel accomplished enough :D.

So how does this Patreon thing work? Unlike Kickstarter where supporters pledge an amount and call it a day – patrons for an artist pledge an amount to pay monthly. In my case, monthly support would help fund some new supplies as well as make stickers and prints!

Take a look at the perks for each amount and see if you fancy any of them. Remember – the pledge amount is what the patron will pay each month!

Hope you’ll stop by to take a look. I’ll be eternally grateful for any support!

Oh yes – shout-out to my friend Alec who helped make this cool banner. If you’re all about superhero comics, he’s the artist to check out. He does trades and commissions, I hear! So go take a look at his amazing work!



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