Your Childhood – The Unruining

At least…that was kind of my goal last week.

In keeping with weekly themes, I finished off last week with “Nostalgia”. Nostalgic mostly, of course, for grown-ups around my age! And maybe some of our parents who had to bear with our naggings of wanting the new toys of the time.

You could say that my video game gals theme led into nostalgia since many of the characters were from classics. So I looked back on favorite characters I had as toys or watched frequently.

Leading off the week was a slightly altered version of Roxanne “Roxy” Pellegrini of The Misfits from the Jem cartoon. I’m pretty sure I started drawing her after my occasional mental rages over the so-called Jem “movie” that’s coming out. Seriously, don’t get me started…

"Out of my way. Get out of MY WAY!"

“Out of my way. Get out of MY WAY!”

Out of all the Misfits in the cartoon, Roxy was and still is my fave. Stormer’s the obvious darling – and I love her character too – but as far as just raw badassness, Roxy takes that title. Ok, sure she was in on a lot of murder attempts (as all the Misfits were), but she didn’t come from a privileged background and had that no-nonsense meanness. And she let an orphan teach her to read – then continued to be an asshole.

Ok, this one…I’m letting slip only because it was Macross Monday. And when I say Macross, I mean the first Macross – or Robotech as many of us remember. Juuuust ignore the N7 and you got your standard Valkyrie ace pilot.

If she were in a classic Macross love triangle - would she go for the dude or the chick?

If she were in a classic Macross love triangle – would she go for the dude or the chick?

Fine, fine – to be fair this uniform was based off of the Macross: Do You Remember Love? movie rather than the series. I picked this style uniform since it had more armor-ish parts to it – especially if I was doing a crossover with Mass Effect.

Oh mah gah. Strawberry Shortcake. If there was one classic toy I had a lot of, it was this one. I think about her now and squee over how adorable she was. Back then I probably thought she was so badass because she had strawberry everything. I probably thought she got to eat candy and jam all day since…there weren’t any grownups around except for those bad guys. Welp, this is how I remember her:

Go ahead, smell your screen!

Go ahead, smell your screen!

I’m still trying to figure out if toys we loved back then really were better or we’re just getting crotchety. Because I seriously don’t dig Strawberry Shortcake’s modern makeover. She looks a little too normal.

Did I say I had a ton of Strawberry Shortcake toys? Scratch that – I had a crap-ton of SHE-RA toys. Action figures with hair you can comb? Come on – do they make that anymore? Maybe, but they’ll never be as awesome as She-Ra and her hot friends. When I thought I had all her friends and that one bad girl, they come out with another series and then… my mom couldn’t catch up. Sadness.

Where was I? Oh yeaaahhh…the drawing…the nostalgia theme thing.

She lifts huge boulders and hurls bad guys with nary a scratch or tangle. HOW DOES SHE DO IT?

She lifts huge boulders and hurls bad guys with nary a scratch or tangle. HOW DOES SHE DO IT?

I have to say, despite her sword looking a little lame, I’m really proud of this one. Maybe I’ll draw a full figure of her one of these days.

Now we’re going into the realm of magical beasts with powers stored in their guts. Yup – I’m talking about the Care Bears. I didn’t have too many toys of these guys, but I regularly watched the cartoon. Now that I think about it, I was kind of indifferent to these guys. I didn’t exactly love them, but I never disliked them. But – they did come to mind when remembering a conversation I had with a friend about the Care Bears and how they could exploit their powers. Thus…Grumpy Bear. The bear of Wratth.

Shadow defines light. That was Grumpy Bear's quote, wasn't it?

Shadow defines light. That was Grumpy Bear’s quote, wasn’t it?

I’m sure he was there to remind kids that where there’s light, there’s shadow and that true happiness doesn’t come without grief. And if you you insult him, he will unleash his wrath and all will fall into darkness. That was the lesson, right?

Now we come to Rainbow Brite – maybe one of the precursors to magical girls. In my mind, as a kid, she was related to She-Ra, or She-Ra Jr. She had her own castle, her own magical steed, and a bunch of friends who…had…their own color…or something. And magical sprinkles. I watched the heck out of that cartoon, and even then I wondered why she and her friends were shorter than the one normal kid she hung out with. And where were their parents?!

Nevermind that – what the heck went on with her hair? I couldn’t tell if those were bangs or the hair that was being tied back into that ponytail that’s a few shakes away from coming loose. I remember and still am all kinds of confused with her hair. So I took some creative liberties as I’ve already done with everything else.

I was also seriously confused with her footwear. Were Or really puffy socks with thick-soled shoes?

I was also seriously confused with her footwear. Were those…boots? Or really puffy socks with thick-soled shoes?

Googling some references of her resulted in some pics of her updated look. Sigh. I suppose she needed a makeover, especially that hair – but she doesn’t feel as magical. I’m sure that’s how a lot of us feel with our childhood favorites – the way we enjoyed them back then was always the best. Guess we’ll have to accept that these things are subject to modern makeovers…


…but don’t get me started on the Jem “movie”.




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