The horror…THE HORROR!

And I’m not talking about the butt drawing I closed out with in my last post.

I’m talking about the HORROR THEME WEEK I did a few weeks ago for my #DailyDoodles.

As mentioned, I’ve been doing theme weeks – which, I have to say, have been helping me draw new things and keep me from running into blocks. How often do I draw Kang from The Simpsons or scared sharks?

The horror theme was a suggestion from a friend and fellow artist and, initially, I kinda didn’t want to do it. I immediately thought of typical horror villains like Jason and Freddy Kreuger, and man, I felt so stuck.

But no! Ideas rolled in as seen below… How could I forget the Alien movies?! Those aliens were no joke, if they weren’t tearing you up, they were sitting on your face or tearing out of your belly. I went the “horror-dorable” route – this alien only knows love. Love of tearing you up.

If you love it...set it free.

If you love it…set it free.


Zombies. I know they’re a thing. Like, everywhere. I won’t hear the end of it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like drawing them – especially cute ones snacking on candied brains on a stick! Coloring zombie complexions is really fun – I get to play around with non-flesh tones like pallid colors, pale blue, some yellow/green to hint at rotting.

Just a day at the park. Don't mind this little guy. Unless that was your brain he's chomping.

Just a day at the park. Don’t mind this little guy. Unless that was your brain he’s chomping.


I nearly forgot about one of my favorite psychological horror films – Rosemary’s Baby. I first saw it when I was a kid and it took me the second time to understand what she Rosemary was freaking out over. Oh…satanists took your baby.

And they did something to his eyes. Whoops. That’s a doozie. But yeah, that line she spouts is pretty cool. What I want to know is…what the heck did those freaks do to his eyes? Give him those stupid glasses that look like window blinds? Was his eye-makeup running? What?! WHAT?!

He has his father's eyes. Maybe literally.

He has his father’s eyes. Maybe literally.


This is around the time I got stuck. Really stuck. I did a rough sketch of something and put it aside. Then…WAT. The Simspons Treehouse of Horror – WHY NOT?! I mean, Kang (or is this Kodos) isn’t exactly Freddy Kreuger scary, but guessing if they’ll cook 40 people or cook FOR 40 people is a pants-wetter if you ask me.

This guy was also a lot of fun to draw – it is nice to break away from the usual head, shoulders, and ONLY 4 limbs type figure. And it’s not often I draw gratuitous drool. I probably should have tagged this NSFW.

To Earth Capital

To Earth Capital


Ok, THIS guy was going to be drawn in place of Kang…if I didn’t think of drawing Kang first. This is my chibi attempt at a Dead Space necromorph. Did I succeed in making him horror-dorable?

I won’t lie – he was a bit of a headache to draw. These things have gross limbs sprouting from their normal limbs! I couldn’t decide how to draw their dangling leftover arms and stringy bloody parts! Even with me staring at references, I just wanted to get to the coloring, which – like the zombie, was really fun.

“You didn’t, by chance’ see where I put my left hand, did you? THERE? Excuse me.”

So that closes out Horror Week! Challenging, but enjoyable. I

f you’ve passed by my Instagram or Tumblr – you might have caught my Animals Theme too. Admittedly, I didn’t do a theme this week since I’m trying to catch up on *GASP* commissions.

But – I’m open to more themes! I’d love to hear your suggestions. Come chat with me in the comments or Twitter!


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