No Marios Allowed

Nintendo! (It’s for breakfast now!)

To this day, I still can’t hear “Nintendo” without thinking of the 80s cereal commercial jingle. Sadly, I never had the joy of having edible bits of the Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule be part of my balanced breakfast.

This past week – the first in a few of wearing actual pants for 5 days in a row (aka a job) – while limiting me on doodling time somehow picked out a theme on its own after I posted a goomba sticker. No real reason why I started doodling this guy other than “Crap, I can’t stay up late anymore and I better draw something before midnight.”

*Silently praying today's not the day he'll be stepped on by some chubby plumber*

*Silently praying today’s not the day he’ll be stepped on by some chubby plumber*

Why not a goomba, huh? Like a lot of us, he’s probably one of the first video game baddies you’ll encounter. If you’re older, maybe a ghost or speeding  car.

Little side note on the sticker – previous week found me in the local Daiso shop…whattya know, some cheap blank stickers! Had me all sorts of ideas – I remember doing these in my really really early and embarrassing doodling days.

Still with no theme in mind, a day or two later, I was stuck again on what to draw for a daily. Eventually, Geno – the magical doll from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

When you're as badass as Geno, you don't think about pants.

When you’re as badass as Geno, you don’t think about pants.

Almost anyone who knows me knows this is THE ONE CLASSIC game I can’t shut up about. I’m serious. I go on and lament how a perfect marriage of Nintendo and Square(soft/enix/hot dogs) will never happen again. At least not like this.

I think, by this time – I was already committed to a Nintendo theme. Or Super Mario characters who aren’t Mario theme which is probably more accurate. And I was still high on remembering Super Mario RPG.

Was it Bowser this time? Nope…just a cloud with an identity crisis.

He once cosplayed as cotton candy.

He once cosplayed as cotton candy.

Mallow – who had a name that leads me to believe he’s either part marshmallow and/or he tastes like one (I had to quickly look that up to see if Belome mentions him being marshmallow-y).

The guy could detach his legs from his body, it rains whenever he cries, and he still thought he was a frog?!

I feel like this on was a bit of a scramble. The tiredness was showing, and I just wanted to get something on the drawing pad. And I REALLY wanted to draw Toad. Cute little Toad. Cute little Toad about to hurl a surprised root vegetable.

"One day...we'll overthrow the Toadstool regime..."

“One day…we’ll overthrow the Toadstool regime…”

If it wasn’t Toadstool jumping around and hurling turnips in Super Mario Bros 2 (US version), it was Toad. That speed, the strength, and how painfully cute he looked when he was tiny and was just a little waddling shroom. And when he got hit by a baddie in that form – POOR BABY!

Back to Super Mario RPG – told you I can’t shut up about it. I ditched Mallow for Toadstool during her rare moments of being proactive in saving anything know, the hopes and dreams of the world.

"Next Toad that plots an overthrow gets sliced onto a pizza. MY pizza."

“Next Toad that plots an overthrow gets sliced onto a pizza. MY pizza.”

Sure, her weapons were clearly stereotypical girly – except for most of her powers (that bob-omb hurling, tho) but man, could they do some wrecking when hitting the A button at the right time. So her most powerful weapon – among the fans and bitch slap gloves – was a frying pan. I’m gonna say it was a skillet made from Valyrian steel.

So that was my unintended Nintendo/Super Mario theme for this week!

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