A Sticky Situation

The awesome thing about where I live – access to a ton of places to get all kinds of craft supplies, sometimes for cheap.

The bad thing – I’m often tempted to buy said craft supplies. Often at a place called Daiso that’s no more than a 10 minute drive from me.

And, one of the many things from Daiso, is the latest thing I’ve been stuck on is washi tape (hyuk hyuk!).

Put a cute pattern on almost anything and I'll likely want it.

Put a cute pattern on almost anything and I’ll likely want it.

First time I ran into these cool things was at a Maido shop downtown – lots of these had traditional Japanese patterns – all lovely, and I had to buy a roll! Only…I had no idea what to do with it other than making greeting cards.

Fast forward a year or two and an Instagram account later and I spot an artist doing some amazing things with the tape that I never even thought of doing.

Inspired, I bought a few other rolls and tried that method. Oh…I tried.

“I’m not getting paid enough for this..”

Not exactly the turnout I expected. So the tape was put aside for a while.

I REALLY wanted to incorporate this tape that was piling up – but I wanted to color my drawings more with marker than to fill the gaps with them. And, plus, I have no sense of style. My drawings would have the same 3 patterns for clothing – no matter what the setting. Sci-fi? Cherry blossom suit. Fantasy? Postage stamp gown!

So just recently, I gave these rolls the perfect role and they’ll be STICKING to it.

Couldn't slice an onion in 15 seconds? Your meal has FAILED.

Couldn’t slice an onion in 15 seconds? Your meal has FAILED.

This tape is applied similarly to those correction white-out tapes. Pretty handy . What with the food pattern I had a bit of a running theme of characters eating or drinking.

A little bourbon for that tea?

A little bourbon for that tea?

The actual washi tape was a bit more tricky to apply as  background. My first mistake was sticking it DIRECTLY onto the drawing – and, as sticky things will do, it stuck onto them and I had to gingerly peel it off after cutting away the excess.

*Is secretly amused that Rio thinks he's sleeping with two different women*

*Is secretly amused that Rio thinks he’s sleeping with two different women*

Pretty sure other artists use washi the same way. And I had to figure out the method without having a character’s face be ripped off by a pattern of flowers.

“No one must know that this smutty novel also has pictures!”

And then – what? Wax paper? Of course! This is what they use, right? Either way it works perfectly – I could lay a piece over the drawing, stick the tape on, slice out the extra, and peel it away without wrecking the drawing!

From some movie...Star...something.

From some movie…Star…something.

Still needs a bit more work, but now my drawings have interesting backgrounds! I’m loving washi tape much more!

Take a look at my other doodles with washi tape backgrounds on my Instagram.

Know what else is cool about this stuff? You don’t even have to go anywhere fancy to find them – the latest roll I got was from Target! I think I even saw a pretty good selection at a Staples.

Do you use washi tape? Where do you stick it?


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