Don’t be so Wishy Washi

Didn’t I just say washi tape is dangerous? Because it is.

Guess who bought more rolls when I swore not to.

Just roll with it

Just roll with it

But you know what – they’re too fun to not use – and they make my doodle backgrounds less boring (if I haven’t mentioned that in my last washi tape rant).

And I’ve been getting better at applying them – with the help of wax paper and whipping out the old light box!

So what have I been making? Welp – when I pick out what roll of tape to buy, I try to think what color scheme I don’t have yet. A pattern can be super cute, but if it’s predominately pink or any other color I already have, I force myself to NOT get it…it’s so hard. Oh the struggle!

Now let’s ROLL out with the round-up!

Here’s another type of tape that applies like those correction white-out tapes.

Pigging out on donuts by daylight.

Pigging out on donuts by daylight.

First subject to use this was Serena/Usagi aka Sailor Moon. Guess it was about time I doodled some fan art of that anime. What’s really fun about those types of decorative tapes is that you can easily make some curves and rounded angles. Of course, you also don’t need a knife or scissors. But a ruler does help if you’re meaning to keep it straight.

SHEEP. This tape has SHEEP on it. Sheep reminds me of New Zealand which is Middle-earth where the Shire is which means I had to get it and draw…

He is the most interesting Hobbit in the world.

He is the most interesting Hobbit in the world.

And because Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday is TODAY (if you are looking at this on September 22) this tape had a few good runs.

"Nothing could EVER go wrong today!"

“Nothing could EVER go wrong today!”

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I never tire of drawing Hobbits. I say that tape was a good investment.

Ok, so the last roll I got recently did kind of go against my whole color rule – but it is a slightly darker shade of pink. And it’s circus themed! You all know how much I draw circus-themed things, right?

She quickly realizes she's looking through the Beast's magic mirror. Butts.

She quickly realizes she’s looking through the Beast’s magic mirror. Butts.

So Snow White’s kind of my washi tape guinea pig. I suppose I could have at least drawn her balancing on tight rope or taming a cat. This time I’ve tried applying the tape vertically – it’s equally as tricky to get into those tiny spaces.

That’s what’s been going on in the WrathOfBom-osphere! I’m always down to nerd out on Twitter and Instagram!



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