Well-traveled supplies

Looks like I’ll be traveling in less than a day. And we’re not talking about a road trip or a short flight down south – this is traveling across the planet and staying there for nearly a month!

So what does someone like me take along to create with on my travels?

Well, learning from my other lengthy trip a few years back, I’m definitely taking along my watercolor set. Last trip, while fun, had me go a little nuts that I didn’t have much to color with.

Sure, there are plenty of places where I can grab some colorful pens and neat pencils, but – as I’ve mentioned earlier – I’m trying VERY hard to use up what I have.

On to what I’m packing – keeping in mind, that I’m staying with family and that I’m sure I’ll have a lot of down-time. Still, I try to stay as minimal as possible, I’m still traveling, right?

I’ll need a lightbox, right?! That’s portable.

The no brainers, of course – pencils, pens, refills, eraser, ruler. And, have I mentioned how much I love this watercolor set? I’m so happy to take this with me this time around.

A watercolor pad and…an out-dated datebook?!

Oh eff yeah, Star Wars…

…wait. 2015, what?

No biggie – this is all for doodles and sketches. I’ve been making use of ruled notebooks like these I’ve acquired (usually as gifts, freebies) this way. I say, when it comes to sketching, paper is paper! And this is a Star Wars Moleskine – I’m definitely not complaining.

And, with downtime, artist blocks are inevitable. So I’m taking a few more reinforcements with me.

It’s dangerous to go uninspired…take this!

I think I’m all set for the next few weeks. Other than the obvious sketchbook and pencils/pens, what do you take on your travels?

As always – my doodles and musings will be posted on my Twitter and Instagram!


Water You Waiting For?

I’ve made a vow. A difficult vow.

A vow I’ll likely break the next time I step into an art supply store.


I vowed to only use the art supplies I already have…and RESIST *cries* giving in to temptation should I step into a Michael’s..or Flax…or peruse on the Blick’s site…

Which leads me to the set of watercolors I’ve, sometimes, put aside in favor of my markers. For the past few weeks I’ve come back to them and even bought a new watercolor pad.

Used a coupon at Michael’s. A justified purchase.

OK that didn’t count – I NEEDED that pad to use my watercolors!

Also – during the past two weeks, a pal and I gave ourselves themes to work on for our future art table adventures. So it was killing two birds with one stone for me.

A few weeks ago – we made ourselves draw Pokemon. Easy enough? Eh…a bit of a challenge when it’s something I don’t normally draw. But it was good practice all the same!

The cute route is a family-friendly route, right?

Week after – a Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki week – because…face it, those characters are forever.

When in doubt…TOTORO.

Chibi Totoro: NOPE

I want to say I’m improving, and I think I am. All I can say, it’s just fun. I like to think of this set of watercolors as having an unlimited palette of water-based markers.

Of course – my only gripe is the bit of waiting in between laying down color to dry. Otherwise – I love the blending and layering.

Next: Ren Eboshi

The Good: I’m putting mileage on this watercolor set. I’m seeing some improvements – aka – I’m a bit more patient between color applications.

The Bad: It’s got me looking at watercolor supplies which I…don’t…don’t…need! But WANT!

Is there a watercolor set or brand you favor?

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I like em’ small

In case you haven’t noticed – I like em’ small.

Sometimes smaller than the 2.5 x 3.5 inch sketch cards I’ve been drawing on lately .

Because I’ve been a bit of a penny-pincher these days, I’ve been cutting my own artist trading cards – which results in uneven sized cards AND little scraps of leftover paper.

I GUESS I could just recycle the scraps. OR I could draw some cutesy doodles like this.

Don't bother knocking.

Don’t bother knocking.

Or this

A doodle fit for a scoundrel

A doodle fit for a scoundrel

Originally, I was saving these scraps to brush up on  watercolor (hyuk hyuk!)


But when I started doing trades – I took to these scraps to add some cute, doodly extras to the sketch cards as a nice surprise for the other artist.

*Insert over-recited Commander Shepard line*

*Insert over-recited Commander Shepard line*

Sometimes I end up taking a lot more time than I thought I would drawing on just ONE of these things. But sometimes I go free and easy and end up making something really silly.

Another over-recited Bioware line. Usually by me.

Another over-recited Bioware line. Usually by me.

I have a lot of fun drawing these – something a little extra for someone else to collect! They make cute bookmarks or piece to pin up.

If ever you trade art with me – you just might find a cute doodly surprise!

What else have I been drawing on these scraps or regular sketch cards? Check them out on my Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and now Facebook!

Limitations and Lolitas

I was on such a good posting streak…then I left the country…for vacation, that is!

I meant to have one more post before flying off to another time zone. But you can see how well that worked out.

Anyway, I’m back in the US of A and I’m definitely back to posting. But if you’ve caught my Instagram or Twitter feed on the right, you may have caught some Daily Doodles I’ve done throughout my trip. Because of missing a day or two, I might have fallen short. I was also limited to a few pens and pencils – had to save some luggage space and I was hoping to find some deals on fancy markers (I didn’t, sadly).

The past two and a half weeks had my dailies be scribbled in my sketchbook with ballpoints, mech colored pencils, and a few colorful pens.

The Unflushables.

The Unflushables.


FUS RO Duhhhh....

FUS RO Duhhhh….

Experiment 626. Ready to eff up your ice cream and coconut cake.

Experiment 626. Ready to eff up your ice cream and coconut cake.

I fared pretty well with the limited palette, but I have to say I’m really glad to be back home with the rest of my art supplies!

First order of business was to finish up an OC  (Original Character) challenge for the Drawing Meats crew. It’s pretty straight-forward: draw an artist’s original character in your style. For our first, we were tasked to draw Kamiko, from This Mortal Coil.

Kamiko The Obsessive Compulsive Cleanaholic

Kamiko The Obsessive Compulsive Cleanaholic

For extra credit, we were to draw her in the theme of spring cleaning. I nearly went the route of turning Kamiko into a Dragonborn to shout the messes away which would have been pretty epic, but I made a sharp U turn and turned a few corners to go the JTHM route. Channeling my best Jhonen Vasquez, I had Kamiko posed as Johnny The Homicidal Maniac from the first issue cover – complete with cleaning supplies lined up on the wall. How else would she clean up the blood stains?

Lastly – our Drawing Meats MEATups are going well! If you love to draw and happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area, come join! Meetups are quite regular – about every two weeks.

Our next meetup will be this Sunday, June 7 at 2PM in San Carlos. Swing on by here to see the details.

Hope to MEAT some new artists!

Squire C – In Color!

Having actual skin tone isn't so bad...

Here’s one of those rare times where you can catch the Squires – er, ok, one of the Squires of Dimness in COLOR!

The idea was doodled on a whim as was the decision to color it – it was time to put those compulsively-purchased markers to use. So it was also VERY experimental.

Getting around to inking these comics was a big step – coloring them with markers felt like jumping from one mountain to another!

But anyhoo, this experimental whim, I also consider a Spring 2011 greeting. So please check it out and hope it makes you smile (or laugh at my attempt)!

Mini Squires: Smile!