The Spongy Apple

I mentioned earlier that I was rethinking my creative goals this year – either to learn a new skill, improve what I already know, or contemplate on that gas station salad I dared myself to eat.

Well, if you’ve been following along on Instagram or Twitter, I’ve recently been posting a weekly comic. Yay! Great!

What’s not so great, in my mind – is that they’re scattered all over the place. So after sort of asking around (aka got two replies), I decided to compile them on Line Wetbtoons! Yay! I know many of you have been scouring the deep crevices of the interwebs to find them all…now you’re in luck.

If you’ve been following the short comics – maybe you’ve noticed some minor improvements – namely the font. I so wished I asked about fonts earlier.


I’ve even gone around to giving the comic a name, since…I think I had to when uploading to Webtoons.

Presenting – The Spongy Apple!

The meaning is much deeper than this.

It’s still a learning process for me. Hell, I’m STILL learning all the ways of Clip Studio Paint (which I highly recommend for folks looking for a low-cost, but very robust art app).

But what I’m liking about a page like Webtoons is knowing people really are looking at it. Pretty encouraging!

I’ve still got a ways to go…much to learn. But it’s definitely something I’ve always wanted to do and, whether it’s daily or weekly – sharing something that I create regularly feels quite fulfilling.

Anyhow – if you visit my comic on Webtoons – please subscribe! And if they make you laugh, I could sure use a pick-me-up!



ROGUE. Scarif’s where you find it.

My creative objectives have been been going…at a sloth’s pace.

But it’s going!

There was NO WAY I wasn’t going to be drawing some Rogue One fan art after seeing it several times since its opening night. And, I admit, I came in with neutral expectations. What with my social media feeds, obviously I…thought it was OK.

I mean…

Oh who am I kidding! Leading up to opening night I was already drawing Jyn Erso – and even more so after watching the movie.

Tip to the officers on Scarif- disable that "guest" network. You're welcome.

Tip to the officers on Scarif- disable that “guest” network. You’re welcome.

This year is also the year I break into this shmancy little leather-bound sketchbook. Told myself I’m going to fill it up…because…what else am I going to do with it? Get in there, Chirrut. Even if you were colored with bargain markers (I was warned that shmancy paper is an ink-sucker).

Are you kidding?! I'm colored with cheap markers!

Are you kidding?! I’m colored with cheap markers!

But, oh, do the better ones look oh-so-good.

It's not a problem if your makers don't dry up.

It’s not a problem if your makers don’t dry up.

Since we’re using supplies I haven’t used or used much, I’ve pulled out the watercolors.

Make 24 colors feel like 100.

Make 24 colors feel like 100.

What were the chances that I’d draw any other droid that isn’t BB-8?!

It's high.

It’s high.

There was no way I was going to pass up getting in on the ROUGUE ONE gags.

Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's stolen from Scarif.

Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s stolen from Scarif.

If you couldn’t tell already – Jyn Erso seriously took over my Star Wars drawing obsession. Sorry Kylo. Haha, just kidding.

High fashion or the battlefield...

The Last Jedi…picked for softball.

Want to see me be one with the Force? Come on by my Instagram and Twitter!

Peer Plushie Pressure

Last week I was peer-pressured like I haven’t been since elementary school.

But instead of being pressured into ding-dong-ditching some dude I was pressured into plush-ifying a dude.

A dude named “Matt” who may or may not be a one Kylo Ren.

I’m 90% sure this plush is SHREDDED.

So I was and there he is in all his 6 inch plush glory.

But about a day before I was just thinking about making a Matt pocket plush after watching the SNL skit. Thanks to a pal of mine tweeting a pic of my previous plushies, it got a few more eyes than I could handle. Like, probably 3 pairs of eyes. That’s 2 more pairs than I usually get on anything :P.

It wasn’t super easy – but it the rush definitely wasn’t unpleasant. Having a bit of the pressure of my friend and sharing my progress was really fun! Those glasses though… making those was probably the least fun.

Embedded image permalink

Cutting out Matt’s glasses straight up SUCKS.

Let’s just say, in the end, it was the fastest I’ve ever made one of these things – from design, to cutting, to putting it all together!

Though, before Matt came his sorta other true-self:


And, because I’m still slightly upset that the Disney Stores DO NOT carry Princess Kylo dolls, I made my own.

SIGH. Princesses…

BUT, before I even began making a pocket plushified Ren, I was first driven to make a plushified evil ginger.

SIGH. Jerk face gingers…

This plushie’s origins wasn’t as glamorous as his successors – he went through two body changes before I finally got some better black felt for his uniform.

What a beautiful couple.

Definitely a lot of plushie action these past few weeks. Other than doodles, I gotta release that obsessive energy somehow! I’m glad I could share it with fellow fans.

Want to follow along the adventures of my pocket plush? Come chat with me on Twitter!

Talk to you soon :D.

Limitations and Lolitas

I was on such a good posting streak…then I left the country…for vacation, that is!

I meant to have one more post before flying off to another time zone. But you can see how well that worked out.

Anyway, I’m back in the US of A and I’m definitely back to posting. But if you’ve caught my Instagram or Twitter feed on the right, you may have caught some Daily Doodles I’ve done throughout my trip. Because of missing a day or two, I might have fallen short. I was also limited to a few pens and pencils – had to save some luggage space and I was hoping to find some deals on fancy markers (I didn’t, sadly).

The past two and a half weeks had my dailies be scribbled in my sketchbook with ballpoints, mech colored pencils, and a few colorful pens.

The Unflushables.

The Unflushables.


FUS RO Duhhhh....

FUS RO Duhhhh….

Experiment 626. Ready to eff up your ice cream and coconut cake.

Experiment 626. Ready to eff up your ice cream and coconut cake.

I fared pretty well with the limited palette, but I have to say I’m really glad to be back home with the rest of my art supplies!

First order of business was to finish up an OC  (Original Character) challenge for the Drawing Meats crew. It’s pretty straight-forward: draw an artist’s original character in your style. For our first, we were tasked to draw Kamiko, from This Mortal Coil.

Kamiko The Obsessive Compulsive Cleanaholic

Kamiko The Obsessive Compulsive Cleanaholic

For extra credit, we were to draw her in the theme of spring cleaning. I nearly went the route of turning Kamiko into a Dragonborn to shout the messes away which would have been pretty epic, but I made a sharp U turn and turned a few corners to go the JTHM route. Channeling my best Jhonen Vasquez, I had Kamiko posed as Johnny The Homicidal Maniac from the first issue cover – complete with cleaning supplies lined up on the wall. How else would she clean up the blood stains?

Lastly – our Drawing Meats MEATups are going well! If you love to draw and happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area, come join! Meetups are quite regular – about every two weeks.

Our next meetup will be this Sunday, June 7 at 2PM in San Carlos. Swing on by here to see the details.

Hope to MEAT some new artists!

The Snow White you wished you sorta knew

If you’ve noticed the doodles I share on my channels, there’s a lot of fanart.

As far as original material – there’s a few Squire Thorn comics. For my sort-of-not-fanart material I’ve been drawing my re-imaginings of Snow White. Combining Grimm’s stories: Snow White and Snow White & Rose Red, I’ve re-imagined the princess as a runaway rogue, hanging out with the dwarves and her cousin, the shieldmaiden Rose Red.

Let's hunt some apple thieves.

Let’s hunt some apple thieves.

You have my sword, and flaming red hair.

You have my sword, and flaming red hair.

It all started from a random doodle:

She's almost a shaky, sheepish voice away from a lawsuit.

She’s almost a shaky, sheepish voice away from a lawsuit.

She later evolved into looking a bit like a hunter princess in light armor and wielding a bow. The doodle below  was from a few years back. Talking to animals skill is not required, but a plus.

Archery Skill Level Up!

Archery Skill Level Up!

I’ve been drawing her more often – adding more bits of personality to her and her cousin. From a few of the captioned doodles, she’s a bit of a fun-loving romantic, in love with the stories she reads while loving a life without the responsibility her unlikable step-mother has taken ruling the kingdom.

"*sigh* If only there were more butts..."

“*sigh* If only there were more butts…”

Ideas of my reimaginings are in bits and pieces – some illustrated, some waiting to be doodled. The beginning’s how it always starts – mean and jealous step-mom queen, dead biological parents, and dwarves. I thought up of some epic graphic-novel type story with all the blood, guts, and plot twists…and then, recently, I bumped it down to an idea of funny strips. I figure Snow White’s story has been done many a-time with betrayals, grief, and all that fun stuff – girl needs some slapstick and a banana peel for a stupid prince to slip and fall gracefully onto his face.

But the queen’s still after her heart, though.

Says the girl who has no visible butt and belly jiggle.

Says the girl who has no visible butt and belly jiggle.

Follow along Snow White’s hilarious adventures on my Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr!

Will you trade with me, #OneLastTime?


Takoyaki anyone?

I’ve taken up making Artist Trading Cards (ATC) again. Rather, I’ve found a pack of unopened cards of various stock – and, as is my mantra or something – use only what you have.

That probably made no sense. Good news- my cards are up for trade! They always were up for trade it’s that…uh…I haven’t blabbed about it until last week.

Sound like a deal? It will only cost you a stamp! or stamps if you’re living anywhere that isn’t ‘Murica.

Please, peruse the various cards I’ve been posting on my Instagram. I’ve even dug up my old ones! Whoa! Slow down there! I’ve only got a limited stock. Take a number, have a potato.

Crossovers. When two of your favorite fandoms collide – what’s not to love. It’s like going to a show and the opening act is another favorite band. It’s like pizza topped with fries. A grilled cheese with a runny fried egg fried right in the middle. Am I right? No?

If you don’t get out much like I do, a lot of crossover ideas come around. My favorite crossovers that I love to doodle, if you haven’t noticed in previous posts are The Hobbit and Skyrim. C’mon – both have dragons, magic, elves, dudes who hate elves, elves who hate dudes, and wheels of cheese.


Spoiler: Bilbo absorbs the soul of that one dragon. I’ll leave it up to you to guess which dragon. Starts with an “S”.

Of course, I want in on the whole #OneLastTime trend – some of my previous #DoodleADay drawings included a crossover with some familiar line.

Other crossovers had Bilbo in the world of Miyazaki – flying on Totoro or coming across a sootball.

Got any ideas where Bilbo and the company do some sort of thing (preferably badass and/or silly) #OneLastTime?

Been trying to think up of a Star Wars crossover – but the only scene I could think of is the Vader vs. Luke scene right where it becomes an awkward family reunion. How appropriate would “Join the Dark Side #OneLastTime” be?

Aliens vs. Bilbo?



He’s almost literally a butthead. Now you can’t unsee it. Unless you already saw it. Dangit.

Who’s back? Squires of Dimness are back, that’s who.


With my doodles seeing an improvement in using lining pens I revisited the ever-absent SoD. Their designs are about the same, but it’s great seeing them in better skin tones and solid lines.

As for comics coming back…uh…I’ll get back to you on that.

The nice thing with my abundance of extra time is that a new comic may come…soon. Scared yet?

If you’d like to refresh your memory of these losers, head over here where you’ll see my latest adventure in cross-dressing these guys.


I don’t doodle enough. And when I have been doodling these days, it’s Bilbo Baggins in between the Squires of Dimness. And dragons. Sometimes dragons. If you’ve taken an unfortunate turn around the interwebs and ended up either on my tumblr or Instagram, you may have caught a few of my fandom mashups. My favorite, lately, has been drawing Bilbo if he somehow ended up in Tamriel after a wrong turn passing through Bree…or something. And he discovers he’s the Dragonborn.

tumblr_mj9ymuE0AI1qa42cuo1_500Who needs the One Ring when you’ve got Dragon shouts? Well, being invisible sure helps. I was almost going to draw Smaug as Smauglock. But I’ll leave that to the experts.

And while DovahBilbo finds new words of power, Thorin Oakenshield deals with having Apple Maps.

No, YOU come get me.

No, YOU come get me.

Sigh. Oh Thorin. Your diva ‘tude. Biblo will have none of it.