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A few weeks ago, I was thinking about my next steps in my creative journey: Do I want to try a new skill like game development or do I want to improve what skills I’ve already learned? Because my mind can never sit still for a few minutes and I can be easily inspired when I see some sort of creative tool – I thought I could do BOTH.

Welp, let’s just say I got as far as jotting down as many notes for a visual novel idea. That’s currently on ice.

So I went back to something I haven’t done regularly in a while…post a comic! As is my habit, I scribble messy little comics for my own personal amusement, never to be seen by anyone else but me.

Convincing myself to just not care if they’re not perfect, I finally decided to polish these up and share them. Not too long ago, I posted the first comic! So far, I’ve been doing good on the weekly part.

Um, this is in no way…uh, ripping off of Empire Strikes Back or anything.

These comics not only feature my take on Snow White, but I get a little help with the stories using Rory’s Story Cubes. I praise these so much, seriously! I highly recommend them for anyone – particularly artists who need help getting out of those pesky blocks.

Snake eyes!

I post these weekly – catch them on my Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook! I’m everywhere!

Oh, and if you enjoy my doodles and crafts, I would love a coffee!

You smile, we all smile!

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ROGUE. Scarif’s where you find it.

My creative objectives have been been going…at a sloth’s pace.

But it’s going!

There was NO WAY I wasn’t going to be drawing some Rogue One fan art after seeing it several times since its opening night. And, I admit, I came in with neutral expectations. What with my social media feeds, obviously I…thought it was OK.

I mean…

Oh who am I kidding! Leading up to opening night I was already drawing Jyn Erso – and even more so after watching the movie.

Tip to the officers on Scarif- disable that "guest" network. You're welcome.

Tip to the officers on Scarif- disable that “guest” network. You’re welcome.

This year is also the year I break into this shmancy little leather-bound sketchbook. Told myself I’m going to fill it up…because…what else am I going to do with it? Get in there, Chirrut. Even if you were colored with bargain markers (I was warned that shmancy paper is an ink-sucker).

Are you kidding?! I'm colored with cheap markers!

Are you kidding?! I’m colored with cheap markers!

But, oh, do the better ones look oh-so-good.

It's not a problem if your makers don't dry up.

It’s not a problem if your makers don’t dry up.

Since we’re using supplies I haven’t used or used much, I’ve pulled out the watercolors.

Make 24 colors feel like 100.

Make 24 colors feel like 100.

What were the chances that I’d draw any other droid that isn’t BB-8?!

It's high.

It’s high.

There was no way I was going to pass up getting in on the ROUGUE ONE gags.

Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's stolen from Scarif.

Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s stolen from Scarif.

If you couldn’t tell already – Jyn Erso seriously took over my Star Wars drawing obsession. Sorry Kylo. Haha, just kidding.

High fashion or the battlefield...

The Last Jedi…picked for softball.

Want to see me be one with the Force? Come on by my Instagram and Twitter!

What’s the Story, Rory?

Rory’s Story Cubes, you can be my wing man any time.

Come on, snake eyes....

Come on, snake eyes….

Some time ago, I saw these cubes at a shop, thought they were cute and went on my way.  Probably about a year later (a few weeks ago, actually), I caught someone on Instagram using these things to draw a cute comic (sadly, that Instagram account is now gone).

A short time later I’ve acquired a few of these – a base kit and an Enchanted kit (dwarves, faeries, magic, c’mon). I mainly wanted to use these to mix up the group activities for the art meetup I frequent. But also – to make stupid comics at home. Behold…

Didn't I mention that I wanted to incorporate as much Arrested Development into my daily life as possible?

Didn’t I mention that I wanted to incorporate as much Arrested Development into my daily life as possible?

The awesome thing about these Story Cubes is that there is really no wrong way to use them. Going off of what I saw on Instagram, I roll three cubes and try to draw some sort of scenario that includes some aspect of those images.

“H-heh…yeah my wings are kinda small for my age.”

Drawing prompts are great – no doubt, though, sometimes little pictures can be a big help! And the cubes are just cute.

Next episode sees Melkor enrolling toddler Sauron into pre-school for dark lords.

Next episode sees Melkor enrolling toddler Sauron into pre-school for dark lords.

I’m seriously really excited for the next Hourly Comics Day – these cubes are going to be a huge help, if not just generally fun!

Great...and parking's gonna cost them.

Great…and parking’s gonna cost them.

I mostly post these on my Twitter since it can be a little too spammy for Instagram. If you’re still feeling blocked even with prompts, I seriously suggest giving these a try sometime!

Wrath of What? On Patreon?

I’m living the dream, finally!

Or, rather, I’ve taken one of many steps in trying to live the dream…finally.

I’m talking about…my Patreon page!

All you need is smiles and dorky doodles!

All you need is smiles and dorky doodles!

Yup! I just launched it this week after seeing a few of my friends set up theirs. Like a lot of artists out there – I’d love to make a bit of money off my work.

Of course, I don’t expect to be making enough to even buy a 12 pack of Copics any time soon, but knowing that I tried makes me feel accomplished enough :D.

So how does this Patreon thing work? Unlike Kickstarter where supporters pledge an amount and call it a day – patrons for an artist pledge an amount to pay monthly. In my case, monthly support would help fund some new supplies as well as make stickers and prints!

Take a look at the perks for each amount and see if you fancy any of them. Remember – the pledge amount is what the patron will pay each month!

Hope you’ll stop by to take a look. I’ll be eternally grateful for any support!

Oh yes – shout-out to my friend Alec who helped make this cool banner. If you’re all about superhero comics, he’s the artist to check out. He does trades and commissions, I hear! So go take a look at his amazing work!


Girls! Girls! GIRLS!

Princess Girls! Ghostbusting Girls! And…work in progress…girls.

Time for another round up on my Daily doodleages, folks.

Dailies have been good – good as in, I’m keeping up. BUT…I will admit last week had a bit of a lull thanks to a few distractions.

I love drawing my re-imagining of Snow White. She’s goofy, funny, and loves a greasy bucket of fried chicken now and then, especially when it’s after making out with a pretend boyfriend. I won’t lie that I’ll piggyback onto some trends – but only if they matter to me and I can make something funny or cute out of it.

Like – International Kissing Day:

Everyone just thought she drools a lot when she sleeps...ewww.

Everyone just thought she drools a lot when she sleeps…ewww.

National Fried Chicken Day (which followed right after the pillow make out because it was on the same day)

Heck yeah she got sides with that bucket.

Heck yeah she got sides with that bucket.


I’m a huge fan of Ghostbusters and, I’m not gonna lie – I’m pretty excited for the new all-ladies movie that’s coming out next year! After the reveal of the new proton packs and uniforms, I drew a genderbent version of The Real Ghosbusters Winston Zeddemore. Did I mention I love drawing genderbent versions of favorite fandoms?

"Is that a big Twinkie in your pocket or are you just...oh, it was a Twinkie."

“Is that a big Twinkie in your pocket or are you just…oh, it was a Twinkie.”

One of the things I’m so nervous about coloring darker skinned characters is, generally, messing up. One of the issues I seem to have are the darker skin toned markers I have leave streaks. I hoped her skin would look streak-less. I should water color her next time…or just get a new marker.

This gal has not only been a big distraction for me – as in…I can’t stop playing Mass Effect (I’m a late bloomer in the series) but she’s kind of giving me grief in the drawing department. Maybe it’s not so much grief as it’s more of me being nervous about not doing any kind of justice to her armor.

FemShep was almost Lynn Minmay.

FemShep was almost Lynn Minmay.

Tighten up that armor.

Tighten up that armor.

FemShep, can I be you when I grow up? But without being crapped on by snotty politics. Waitaminute...

FemShep, can I be you when I grow up? But without being crapped on by snotty politics. Waitaminute…

As of now…she hasn’t been colored past her face. But – keep tabs on my Instagram or Twitter for updates!




Sweet MEATup

Sweets and (Drawing) Meats

Sweets and (Drawing) Meats

Sweet! This past Sunday, us folks in Drawing Meats had another meetup in sunny Redwood City. A small, but good turnout – even a new artist has joined us this time!

Don't talk. Drawing.

Don’t talk. Drawing.

A round of trifold doodles, six panel comics and an illustration jam were among the activities we did.

But is she single?

But is she single?

Based on a true story.

Based on a true story.

We didn’t do an illustration jam the last time – it’s somewhat similar to the six-panel comic, except each artist adds their contribution to a single scene. And there wasn’t a heart-racing time limit! I think. But here’s the epic result:

Only Superpup has the power to intervene.

Only Superpup has the power to intervene.

Hope you’ll come by the Drawing Meats page to check out all of the trifolds and six panel comics!

A few other things we started for this and future meetups – we’ve also started inviting local artists to join either on our Facebook group page or We’d LOVE to see more artists join and offer some fun, inspiring ideas as well as places to hold meetups.

If you’re not around the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to attend artist meetups – check out to find local groups or start your own! There’s no such thing as too much drawing :D.

Meating of doodles, stickers, and the end of #DoodleADay

Drawing Meat-up

A gathering of Drawing Meats happened this past Sunday. For me, it was my first meetup – for most, it was a first meetup after a long hiatus. Many of us know each other from working at the same company at some point.

Moments before drawing some despicable comics.

Moments before drawing some despicable comics.

Before any of these meetups, my first impression was that it was a group of artists sitting around, doodling, bouncing some ideas, and chatting it up over coffee.  I wasn’t wholly wrong – we also took part in a few drawing activities. I vaguely heard about these being mentioned before the meetup so it was a little unexpected!

One of the activities we did was a collaborative six-panel comic. As best as I could describe, each artist draws the first panel and passes it along to the next artist who will draw the next and so on until the last is filled. Each panel is limited to 3 minutes to be finished. The results? Take a look at this one:

Kitties, communism, and war - all part of a complete breakfast.

Kitties, communism, and war – all part of a complete breakfast.

If you’re looking for robo bunnies and alien ice cream, take a look at the rest of the six-panel comics here.

The second collaborative activity of the meetup wasn’t so much time-limited, but resulted in just as hilarious, yet dark results! What the heck am I talking about? Trifold doodles, of course!


Did I tell you yet? My stickers came in! I got them sooner than expected. They turned out quite well.

I know that have stickers on your mind.

I know that look…you have stickers on your mind.


Mmyep. They stick. To things. Neat!

The circle is now complete…

This past Tuesday (March 10)  the 365/365 drawing of my #DoodleADay project was posted! Whew, what a journey. Patting myself on the back for actually keeping this up for a whole year – stuff like travel and being out all day can easily make me miss a doodle. But anyhoo how’s about we look back…

My first doodle was a really messy drawing of a Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Peashooter. Yeesh. My only goal really was just to keep the pencil moving. Crap drawing? Stick figure? Same thing? Done and done.

It's recognizable, right?

It’s recognizable, right?

I thought it appropriate to close the loop with another Peashooter – in color!

The ultimate zombie repellant and highly-recommended by landscapers.

The ultimate zombie repellant and highly-recommended by landscapers.

It’s a great project to see personal style growth. I’ve seen some improvements, slight changes in style, preferences in media – and opportunities to improve in places that yet to be worked on. I find that my favorite medium to use are pen, markers, and, when sketching – blue or red Verithins.

Thanks so much to everyone who has followed me on my personal project! So what happens now?

More daily doodling of course! This time I will be tagging these with #DailyDoodles with no particular counter. Come follow along on my Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr!

I hope I’ve inspired a few who may have artists’ block :)

Happy Doodling!