The Spongy Apple

I mentioned earlier that I was rethinking my creative goals this year – either to learn a new skill, improve what I already know, or contemplate on that gas station salad I dared myself to eat.

Well, if you’ve been following along on Instagram or Twitter, I’ve recently been posting a weekly comic. Yay! Great!

What’s not so great, in my mind – is that they’re scattered all over the place. So after sort of asking around (aka got two replies), I decided to compile them on Line Wetbtoons! Yay! I know many of you have been scouring the deep crevices of the interwebs to find them all…now you’re in luck.

If you’ve been following the short comics – maybe you’ve noticed some minor improvements – namely the font. I so wished I asked about fonts earlier.


I’ve even gone around to giving the comic a name, since…I think I had to when uploading to Webtoons.

Presenting – The Spongy Apple!

The meaning is much deeper than this.

It’s still a learning process for me. Hell, I’m STILL learning all the ways of Clip Studio Paint (which I highly recommend for folks looking for a low-cost, but very robust art app).

But what I’m liking about a page like Webtoons is knowing people really are looking at it. Pretty encouraging!

I’ve still got a ways to go…much to learn. But it’s definitely something I’ve always wanted to do and, whether it’s daily or weekly – sharing something that I create regularly feels quite fulfilling.

Anyhow – if you visit my comic on Webtoons – please subscribe! And if they make you laugh, I could sure use a pick-me-up!



Starkiller Fashion Pt2

Pretty sure after you’ve watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the first time you’ve asked yourself: what would Kylo Ren look like in a school uniform?

Lucky for you – I’ve FINALLY finished this set of cavity-inducing Chibi Emo Kylo Ren paper dolls with all the fashions you’ve ALWAYS tried to imagine him wearing!  Particularly the Kiki’s Delivery Service outfit.

Print, cut, and start dressing up the brattiest emo prince in a galaxy far, far, away! Click to get the full image, of course :)

Play now, my lord/lady.

Play now, my lord/lady.

One of these things is not like the other. Hint: It's the First Order uniform.

One of these things is not like the other. Hint: It’s the First Order uniform.

He'll be SHREDDED in any of these.

He’ll be SHREDDED in any of these.

Huge thanks to my pal and fellow artist @Albinigrimby who drew the most adorable goth lolita dress! Go check out his work!

If you’ve played around with these – I’d love to see them. Come share them with me on my Twitter or tag me on Instagram!

Peer Plushie Pressure

Last week I was peer-pressured like I haven’t been since elementary school.

But instead of being pressured into ding-dong-ditching some dude I was pressured into plush-ifying a dude.

A dude named “Matt” who may or may not be a one Kylo Ren.

I’m 90% sure this plush is SHREDDED.

So I was and there he is in all his 6 inch plush glory.

But about a day before I was just thinking about making a Matt pocket plush after watching the SNL skit. Thanks to a pal of mine tweeting a pic of my previous plushies, it got a few more eyes than I could handle. Like, probably 3 pairs of eyes. That’s 2 more pairs than I usually get on anything :P.

It wasn’t super easy – but it the rush definitely wasn’t unpleasant. Having a bit of the pressure of my friend and sharing my progress was really fun! Those glasses though… making those was probably the least fun.

Embedded image permalink

Cutting out Matt’s glasses straight up SUCKS.

Let’s just say, in the end, it was the fastest I’ve ever made one of these things – from design, to cutting, to putting it all together!

Though, before Matt came his sorta other true-self:


And, because I’m still slightly upset that the Disney Stores DO NOT carry Princess Kylo dolls, I made my own.

SIGH. Princesses…

BUT, before I even began making a pocket plushified Ren, I was first driven to make a plushified evil ginger.

SIGH. Jerk face gingers…

This plushie’s origins wasn’t as glamorous as his successors – he went through two body changes before I finally got some better black felt for his uniform.

What a beautiful couple.

Definitely a lot of plushie action these past few weeks. Other than doodles, I gotta release that obsessive energy somehow! I’m glad I could share it with fellow fans.

Want to follow along the adventures of my pocket plush? Come chat with me on Twitter!

Talk to you soon :D.

Starkiller Fashion

Ok, raise your hand if you HAVEN’T seen the new Star Wars movie yet.

Whether you’re already repulsed by the other  contents of this blog or not, you might want to turn away from some SUPER MAJOR FASHION SPOILERS.

Like a bunch of other folk, I’ve watched The Force Awakens a good number of times. And when you watch something a good number of times, and you draw…you tend to draw a bunch of things from said thing you’ve watched a number of times.

And guess the thing I’ve been drawing a bunch of times for the past few weeks.

Teenage tumblr user + Hot topic + Star Wars = Kylo Ren

Teenage tumblr user + Hot topic + Star Wars = Kylo Ren

This madness has even gone beyond drawing.

I want to be free of this pain of a pin stabbed through my nubby felt limb.

I want to be free of this pain of a pin stabbed through my nubby felt limb.

But I have grander plans for Disney’s new Prince(ss). Surely this spoiled, emotional, wannabe Sith has an extensive wardrobe beyond that mask, black frock, and infinity scarf, right?

Oh, Kylo Hime!

Oh, Kylo Hime!

After redrawing one of my Ren doodles in Manga Studio, I entertained the idea of paper dolls. And then I started it. It’s still a work in progress as I’m sure this guy’s wardrobe takes up a large warehouse on a star destroyer.

Don’t look if you want to avoid spoilers – next few pics reveal the full wardrobe of Kylo Ren which definitely spoil the ENTIRE plot of the new trilogy.

Dark knights don't do tighty whities.

Dark knights don’t do tighty whities.

Of  course you gotta start with the base doll and default outfit. I’ll have to work in the mask, of course.

Knights of Ren don't do buttons - especially with sleepwear

Knights of Ren don’t do buttons – especially with sleepwear

This is what I’d imagine Emo Kylo Ren would wear to sleep, cuddling a Vader doll and heirloom cape.

"Omg I can't believe we're wearing the same thing. How embarrassing" - General Hux

“Omg I can’t believe we’re wearing the same thing. How embarrassing” – General Hux

I bet spills and accidents happen – and the closet is on another planet. And the only thing handy is an extra First Order uniform.

In time for the obligatory anime episode.

In time for the obligatory anime episode.

A Japanese school uniform felt obligatory. And necessary.

If we’re gonna follow Skywalker-Organa family tradition…

"Ben...these are your first steps..."

“Ben…these are your first steps…”

Surely, this joke has been done over and over again since the movie premiered, right?

I hope to get this done in time for Valentine’s Day – keep an eye out for this space. Even better – come chat with me on Twitter or follow along on Instagram where I update on the progress!


What’s the Story, Rory?

Rory’s Story Cubes, you can be my wing man any time.

Come on, snake eyes....

Come on, snake eyes….

Some time ago, I saw these cubes at a shop, thought they were cute and went on my way.  Probably about a year later (a few weeks ago, actually), I caught someone on Instagram using these things to draw a cute comic (sadly, that Instagram account is now gone).

A short time later I’ve acquired a few of these – a base kit and an Enchanted kit (dwarves, faeries, magic, c’mon). I mainly wanted to use these to mix up the group activities for the art meetup I frequent. But also – to make stupid comics at home. Behold…

Didn't I mention that I wanted to incorporate as much Arrested Development into my daily life as possible?

Didn’t I mention that I wanted to incorporate as much Arrested Development into my daily life as possible?

The awesome thing about these Story Cubes is that there is really no wrong way to use them. Going off of what I saw on Instagram, I roll three cubes and try to draw some sort of scenario that includes some aspect of those images.

“H-heh…yeah my wings are kinda small for my age.”

Drawing prompts are great – no doubt, though, sometimes little pictures can be a big help! And the cubes are just cute.

Next episode sees Melkor enrolling toddler Sauron into pre-school for dark lords.

Next episode sees Melkor enrolling toddler Sauron into pre-school for dark lords.

I’m seriously really excited for the next Hourly Comics Day – these cubes are going to be a huge help, if not just generally fun!

Great...and parking's gonna cost them.

Great…and parking’s gonna cost them.

I mostly post these on my Twitter since it can be a little too spammy for Instagram. If you’re still feeling blocked even with prompts, I seriously suggest giving these a try sometime!

A Sticky Situation

The awesome thing about where I live – access to a ton of places to get all kinds of craft supplies, sometimes for cheap.

The bad thing – I’m often tempted to buy said craft supplies. Often at a place called Daiso that’s no more than a 10 minute drive from me.

And, one of the many things from Daiso, is the latest thing I’ve been stuck on is washi tape (hyuk hyuk!).

Put a cute pattern on almost anything and I'll likely want it.

Put a cute pattern on almost anything and I’ll likely want it.

First time I ran into these cool things was at a Maido shop downtown – lots of these had traditional Japanese patterns – all lovely, and I had to buy a roll! Only…I had no idea what to do with it other than making greeting cards.

Fast forward a year or two and an Instagram account later and I spot an artist doing some amazing things with the tape that I never even thought of doing.

Inspired, I bought a few other rolls and tried that method. Oh…I tried.

“I’m not getting paid enough for this..”

Not exactly the turnout I expected. So the tape was put aside for a while.

I REALLY wanted to incorporate this tape that was piling up – but I wanted to color my drawings more with marker than to fill the gaps with them. And, plus, I have no sense of style. My drawings would have the same 3 patterns for clothing – no matter what the setting. Sci-fi? Cherry blossom suit. Fantasy? Postage stamp gown!

So just recently, I gave these rolls the perfect role and they’ll be STICKING to it.

Couldn't slice an onion in 15 seconds? Your meal has FAILED.

Couldn’t slice an onion in 15 seconds? Your meal has FAILED.

This tape is applied similarly to those correction white-out tapes. Pretty handy . What with the food pattern I had a bit of a running theme of characters eating or drinking.

A little bourbon for that tea?

A little bourbon for that tea?

The actual washi tape was a bit more tricky to apply as  background. My first mistake was sticking it DIRECTLY onto the drawing – and, as sticky things will do, it stuck onto them and I had to gingerly peel it off after cutting away the excess.

*Is secretly amused that Rio thinks he's sleeping with two different women*

*Is secretly amused that Rio thinks he’s sleeping with two different women*

Pretty sure other artists use washi the same way. And I had to figure out the method without having a character’s face be ripped off by a pattern of flowers.

“No one must know that this smutty novel also has pictures!”

And then – what? Wax paper? Of course! This is what they use, right? Either way it works perfectly – I could lay a piece over the drawing, stick the tape on, slice out the extra, and peel it away without wrecking the drawing!

From some movie...Star...something.

From some movie…Star…something.

Still needs a bit more work, but now my drawings have interesting backgrounds! I’m loving washi tape much more!

Take a look at my other doodles with washi tape backgrounds on my Instagram.

Know what else is cool about this stuff? You don’t even have to go anywhere fancy to find them – the latest roll I got was from Target! I think I even saw a pretty good selection at a Staples.

Do you use washi tape? Where do you stick it?

No Marios Allowed

Nintendo! (It’s for breakfast now!)

To this day, I still can’t hear “Nintendo” without thinking of the 80s cereal commercial jingle. Sadly, I never had the joy of having edible bits of the Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule be part of my balanced breakfast.

This past week – the first in a few of wearing actual pants for 5 days in a row (aka a job) – while limiting me on doodling time somehow picked out a theme on its own after I posted a goomba sticker. No real reason why I started doodling this guy other than “Crap, I can’t stay up late anymore and I better draw something before midnight.”

*Silently praying today's not the day he'll be stepped on by some chubby plumber*

*Silently praying today’s not the day he’ll be stepped on by some chubby plumber*

Why not a goomba, huh? Like a lot of us, he’s probably one of the first video game baddies you’ll encounter. If you’re older, maybe a ghost or speeding  car.

Little side note on the sticker – previous week found me in the local Daiso shop…whattya know, some cheap blank stickers! Had me all sorts of ideas – I remember doing these in my really really early and embarrassing doodling days.

Still with no theme in mind, a day or two later, I was stuck again on what to draw for a daily. Eventually, Geno – the magical doll from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

When you're as badass as Geno, you don't think about pants.

When you’re as badass as Geno, you don’t think about pants.

Almost anyone who knows me knows this is THE ONE CLASSIC game I can’t shut up about. I’m serious. I go on and lament how a perfect marriage of Nintendo and Square(soft/enix/hot dogs) will never happen again. At least not like this.

I think, by this time – I was already committed to a Nintendo theme. Or Super Mario characters who aren’t Mario theme which is probably more accurate. And I was still high on remembering Super Mario RPG.

Was it Bowser this time? Nope…just a cloud with an identity crisis.

He once cosplayed as cotton candy.

He once cosplayed as cotton candy.

Mallow – who had a name that leads me to believe he’s either part marshmallow and/or he tastes like one (I had to quickly look that up to see if Belome mentions him being marshmallow-y).

The guy could detach his legs from his body, it rains whenever he cries, and he still thought he was a frog?!

I feel like this on was a bit of a scramble. The tiredness was showing, and I just wanted to get something on the drawing pad. And I REALLY wanted to draw Toad. Cute little Toad. Cute little Toad about to hurl a surprised root vegetable.

"One day...we'll overthrow the Toadstool regime..."

“One day…we’ll overthrow the Toadstool regime…”

If it wasn’t Toadstool jumping around and hurling turnips in Super Mario Bros 2 (US version), it was Toad. That speed, the strength, and how painfully cute he looked when he was tiny and was just a little waddling shroom. And when he got hit by a baddie in that form – POOR BABY!

Back to Super Mario RPG – told you I can’t shut up about it. I ditched Mallow for Toadstool during her rare moments of being proactive in saving anything know, the hopes and dreams of the world.

"Next Toad that plots an overthrow gets sliced onto a pizza. MY pizza."

“Next Toad that plots an overthrow gets sliced onto a pizza. MY pizza.”

Sure, her weapons were clearly stereotypical girly – except for most of her powers (that bob-omb hurling, tho) but man, could they do some wrecking when hitting the A button at the right time. So her most powerful weapon – among the fans and bitch slap gloves – was a frying pan. I’m gonna say it was a skillet made from Valyrian steel.

So that was my unintended Nintendo/Super Mario theme for this week!

Come chat with me on Twitter and Instagram -and…if you see something of interest – LET’S TRADE!