Limitations and Lolitas

I was on such a good posting streak…then I left the country…for vacation, that is!

I meant to have one more post before flying off to another time zone. But you can see how well that worked out.

Anyway, I’m back in the US of A and I’m definitely back to posting. But if you’ve caught my Instagram or Twitter feed on the right, you may have caught some Daily Doodles I’ve done throughout my trip. Because of missing a day or two, I might have fallen short. I was also limited to a few pens and pencils – had to save some luggage space and I was hoping to find some deals on fancy markers (I didn’t, sadly).

The past two and a half weeks had my dailies be scribbled in my sketchbook with ballpoints, mech colored pencils, and a few colorful pens.

The Unflushables.

The Unflushables.


FUS RO Duhhhh....

FUS RO Duhhhh….

Experiment 626. Ready to eff up your ice cream and coconut cake.

Experiment 626. Ready to eff up your ice cream and coconut cake.

I fared pretty well with the limited palette, but I have to say I’m really glad to be back home with the rest of my art supplies!

First order of business was to finish up an OCΒ  (Original Character) challenge for the Drawing Meats crew. It’s pretty straight-forward: draw an artist’s original character in your style. For our first, we were tasked to draw Kamiko, from This Mortal Coil.

Kamiko The Obsessive Compulsive Cleanaholic

Kamiko The Obsessive Compulsive Cleanaholic

For extra credit, we were to draw her in the theme of spring cleaning. I nearly went the route of turning Kamiko into a Dragonborn to shout the messes away which would have been pretty epic, but I made a sharp U turn and turned a few corners to go the JTHM route. Channeling my best Jhonen Vasquez, I had Kamiko posed as Johnny The Homicidal Maniac from the first issue cover – complete with cleaning supplies lined up on the wall. How else would she clean up the blood stains?

Lastly – our Drawing Meats MEATups are going well! If you love to draw and happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area, come join! Meetups are quite regular – about every two weeks.

Our next meetup will be this Sunday, June 7 at 2PM in San Carlos. Swing on by here to see the details.

Hope to MEAT some new artists!