Sew What?

I’ve overcome a fear…and found a new addiction…

…in sewing!

Ok, yeah. I’ve already been sewing with just needle and thread. But I vowed earlier this year that I’d get around to moving on up to the sewing machine. Months later, I finally did!


My mom had this portable little machine she got as a gift many ages ago. And, as is my mantra (or something, am I using that word right?) – maximize the sources that are already available. Or – use up the crap I already have in layman’s terms.

Baby steps, remember? This machine’s not too fancy  – only one stitch and two speeds: fast and ludicrous speed. But the stitches are pretty sturdy for what I needed. So here goes nothing!

First few tries with just making a Chibi Totoro…


Yeah..I can almost see it.


After resizing the eyes and taking things VERY slowly….

Your souls are ours now.

Now they look more like the creatures I’d chase up a camphor tree!


Of course, some hand-stitching is still involved – particularly the tails and after the stuffing. But, I’m sold – the sewing machine is no longer a thing to be feared. Maybe ones that have like, 300 stitches…

And now, I just can’t staaahp!

*slow motion walk*

Then, one day I got a little overconfident…

Let’s pretend this didn’t happen…

But from his death, a Chibi Totoro was born…

Aaaand, back to the Chibi Totoros.  With so much felt I’ve acquired, I’ve been making Chibi Totoro plushies of different colors – and they’re all equally as cute.

Chibi Totoro Grey Scale.

Soon, I’ll graduate to a real sewing machine…you can watch me panic as I tweet and/or Instagram my progress!

What creative progress have you conquered or are starting your quest to conquer?

Happy making!




Because I FELT like it

I made a thing doing a thing I didn’t think I was going to do anymore. After ridding my living space of nearly everything that had to do with it…it hooked me back in.

All because of a current obsession that isn’t Skyrim or Middle Earth.

For the pasts two months, I’ve temporarily left the land of the Nords, Elves, and Dragons to venture into  land of sorta-Nords, Elves, and….Dragons.

Anyhoo, to get to the point – I made a little felt plush of Dragon Age: Inquisition character – Cullen Rutherford:

To work?

If you look closely, you can see the lip scar. *cough*

Earlier on, I doodled some plush ideas. Oftentimes, when I’m really obsessed with something all these creative things run through my head on how to really get it out of my system. I hesitated at first because – 1. all my felt stuff I gave to a friend thinking I’d never touch them again and 2. Ugh, sewing? Again?

But since I was kinda encouraged by, like, 2 people and I happened to be at a store that sold crafting materials, AND I had the time I went ahead and bought the felt and began the labor.

The design and technique largely stemmed from the Aranzi Aranzo plushes I used to make. Differences are, other than this not being a rabbit, bunny, or Totoro was that there are stuffed limbs, hair, and NO French knots. No way I was tackling that again.

The fun part was designing the character in felt plush form. The actual character’s outfit has lots of lovely details that, in felt plush form had to be simplified or left out – especially if he won’t be any larger than the palm of my hand. Sewing all these things together was a bit of a challenge because of the size and thickness of the felt.

Check out the first run:

Please, Inquisitor. Don't trap me under a pile of tampons.

Please, Inquisitor. Don’t trap me under a pile of tampons.

Eh, not bad, huh? I’m quite proud of the hair – especially adding that little Dib curl. But the pièce de résistance was the fur collar…which I wasn’t too hot about on the first run. While the shop I was in had tons of felt, there wasn’t much for a fur look. Maybe some feathers, but…eh wrong color. I settled with some woolen felt which I struggled in taming and shaping. So this little guy had to make do with a woolen collar that kind of looked more like a piece of dreadlock around his neck.

I was content with the finished plush, but not entirely happy. I had to get into the mind of someone obsessed with details. I thought of Etsy-worthy crafts, cosplayers, and plush makers. It was time to get some actual faux fur.

His coat needed some work as well. Gingerly, I took apart his coat to tighten up some of the stitches – including the “gold” trim. He even got the belt he should have had in the first place with a neater cord.

"This is ridiculous"

“This is ridiculous”

And – TA DAA! Chibi Cullen gets real (faux) fur for his lovely collar.

To work?

To work?


Ahem, my eyes are up…oh wait.

Very happy with Chibi Cullen 2.0. However, I still need to work on how to sew the head onto the body better so that it doesn’t look so stitchy.

Now this little guy’s neat and pretty for more adventures hiding behind bottles of various condiments in grocery stores.