Challenge accepted…

So sometime last week a pal and fellow artist tagged me in a 3×5 challenge and I gracefully accepted. For those who are unfamiliar with the challenge – the tagged artist shares three pieces of artwork each day for five days and also tags another artist each day. Artwork shared can be old and/or new!

It’s a pretty neat way to get your artist pals to show off their work and to get to know new artists.

The pieces I shared was mostly old stuff – crafts, writing prompts, old doodles, and photos. My friend tagged me on Facebook which was a bit of a scare since not too many folks who are in touch with me there know I do this kind of thing. My 3×5 posts were primarily shared on my Tumblr and Twitter.

Take a gander at a few of the things I shared:


DIRIGIBLE CROSSING! From my first Arthouse Co-op Sketchbook Project: Dirigibles and Submersibles.

These guys pretended to be in a band before it was cool.

These guys pretended to be in a band before it was cool.

Won't you be my neighbor? For a time, these two were my first Instagram stars.

Won’t you be my neighbor? For a time, these two were my first Instagram stars.

That challenge was a nice walk down memory lane and reminded me that, ya know, I don’t do too bad in all kinds of art!

If you’re on Tumblr, swing by and check out all five days of my challenge:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

Should you ever be tagged in the challenge, I hope you accept!

If you’ve been following along in my #DoodleADay 365 journey on my Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr – I’m almost at the home stretch! Less than 20 days to go until I close the loop. After that, I’ll continue on – likely with a #DailyDoodles tag. Stay tuned!



Hourly Comics Day!

Wow, guess what, kids! Not only am I posting again, but I participated, for the first time, in Hourly Comic Day! Though, I wasn’t aware of it until the day of – luckily I was perusing through Tumblr to see a blog I follow post a few of his. I nearly didn’t do it thinking I was too late.

My first thought was that I had to post a comic every hour for 24 hours. I mean, I could have. Then I read that comics are created and posted for ever hour you’re awake. WHEW!

Many artists’ comics are slice-of-life-ish – each comic a little story of what they did that hour. Mine, however, were just a mish-mash of favorite movies, games, randomness, and imaginings of real-life situations. I even squeezed in a few Squires of Dimness in there toward the end when I was kind of running out of ideas. I’m patting myself on the back since I didn’t think I’d post as much as I did. Even with my hand cramping, my arm aching – it was definitely a lot of fun!

My comics were posted on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter – but here’s the whole lot of em’ below. Enjoy!

Have you participated in Hourly Comic Day too? I think I’ll set myself a reminder for next time so I’m mentally prepared.



Happy 2015!

‘Allo, all! New year, new resolution to update this blog more frequently as I resolved to do each January. This is, like, my 4th time, probably. I guess this is my January tradition. Hey, at least I’m keeping it consistent, yeah?

Anyhoo, 2014 has been very good to me, doodle-wise. Much so that I’ve hit the 300 mark of my #DoodleADay! Some doodles I’m quite proud of, some…eh, were doodled just so I didn’t miss a day. Important thing was that I kept the pencil moving each day.

Quick recap of last few months’ doodles.


Been working on finishing up this small notebook which has mostly doodles in ink and pencil. Fanart doodles, of course, including some Game Of Thrones/A Song Of Ice And Fire house sigils. Nah, not really a fan of House Greyjoy, but I do like the kraken sigil.



So who hasn’t seen the Star Wars Ep VII teaser? I teared up and squealed like a little kid. So I’m a little excited. Other than going googly over the return of the Millennium Falcon, I love the little ball droid – BB-8. His pattern, whole mostly blurred from rolling around, reminded me a little bit of the Katamari the Prince of All Cosmos rolls. He teams up with the little droid and hopes that he can hit the goal in the limited time his jerk of a dad gives him. Keep rolling, little guy!


Moar Star Wars! I’m quite proud of myself – I finally got the hang of doodling Stormtroopers. Just in time for Christmas so that I can doodle one with a Santa hat. One of these days I’ll have to work on doodling a twerking Stormtrooper. Looks like that’s this year’s goal.


Oh, my little Squire Thorn! I find that he gets smaller and smaller so I’m never too sure what age he’s supposed to be. He may as well be bumped down to elementary school age. I was on a doodle binge here and Thorn needed to be drawn in some uncomfortable pose. He’s probably playing a really strenuous game of Simon Says and he’s about to lose.

But wait – there’s more! Doodles…from a tablet!

Tab…let? Yup. Guess who’s kinda entered into the realm of digital doodles. I’m still warming up to using the thing, though, now I understand why tablet users really like using the really fancy Cintiq models. Until I can muster the cash to lay down for one of those, I’ll be using my little Bamboo tablet. What’s it made so far? Take a look:

Art courses have finally paid off.

Art courses have finally paid off.

Took a while for me to relax, let loose, and just doodle. What did I start out with – a hot dog of all things! Don’t forget the mustard. No onions, please.


Amount of f*cks given from Bilbo: 0

What’s that? You were hoping you wouldn’t see another stupid Bilbo doodle?


Some day, her prince will serve. Until then, she’s hanging out with dwarves.

Fairytale world, hangs out with a bunch of dwarves…there’s a pattern there somewhere. This Snow White is neither helpless or played by an actress who once starred in some vampire movie.

New tools, new supplies, and a new year mean MOAR doodles! Here’s to a new year of doodlage, crafting, and writing.

And what happens when I hit #DoodleADay 365/365? Start all over again, duh.


Will you trade with me, #OneLastTime?


Takoyaki anyone?

I’ve taken up making Artist Trading Cards (ATC) again. Rather, I’ve found a pack of unopened cards of various stock – and, as is my mantra or something – use only what you have.

That probably made no sense. Good news- my cards are up for trade! They always were up for trade it’s that…uh…I haven’t blabbed about it until last week.

Sound like a deal? It will only cost you a stamp! or stamps if you’re living anywhere that isn’t ‘Murica.

Please, peruse the various cards I’ve been posting on my Instagram. I’ve even dug up my old ones! Whoa! Slow down there! I’ve only got a limited stock. Take a number, have a potato.

Crossovers. When two of your favorite fandoms collide – what’s not to love. It’s like going to a show and the opening act is another favorite band. It’s like pizza topped with fries. A grilled cheese with a runny fried egg fried right in the middle. Am I right? No?

If you don’t get out much like I do, a lot of crossover ideas come around. My favorite crossovers that I love to doodle, if you haven’t noticed in previous posts are The Hobbit and Skyrim. C’mon – both have dragons, magic, elves, dudes who hate elves, elves who hate dudes, and wheels of cheese.


Spoiler: Bilbo absorbs the soul of that one dragon. I’ll leave it up to you to guess which dragon. Starts with an “S”.

Of course, I want in on the whole #OneLastTime trend – some of my previous #DoodleADay drawings included a crossover with some familiar line.

Other crossovers had Bilbo in the world of Miyazaki – flying on Totoro or coming across a sootball.

Got any ideas where Bilbo and the company do some sort of thing (preferably badass and/or silly) #OneLastTime?

Been trying to think up of a Star Wars crossover – but the only scene I could think of is the Vader vs. Luke scene right where it becomes an awkward family reunion. How appropriate would “Join the Dark Side #OneLastTime” be?

Aliens vs. Bilbo?



He’s almost literally a butthead. Now you can’t unsee it. Unless you already saw it. Dangit.

Who’s back? Squires of Dimness are back, that’s who.


With my doodles seeing an improvement in using lining pens I revisited the ever-absent SoD. Their designs are about the same, but it’s great seeing them in better skin tones and solid lines.

As for comics coming back…uh…I’ll get back to you on that.

The nice thing with my abundance of extra time is that a new comic may come…soon. Scared yet?

If you’d like to refresh your memory of these losers, head over here where you’ll see my latest adventure in cross-dressing these guys.

You Sign “Prince of Darkness”…

It happened. It finally happened.

And I don’t mean I finally published something worth reading on purpose. Rather, I finally doodled the Squires of Dimness’s one and only Prince of Darkness.

This one of his happier expressions.

This one of his happier expressions.

It all started with this Instadoodle whilst my iPod was on shuffle. It’s what I’ve always imagined during the last few lines of that song.

And wha?! Why has it taken so long?

I think it had to do with the hair, and the attitude. Definitely the attitude. But I remembered the main reason why – MTR’s always been the center of attention (for obvious reasons) and tons of fanart featuring him outnumbers the touring members. So why not center these doodles loosely based on the guys who will likely be swapped out like the cast of SNL?


Prince of Darkness = 0 The Lady = 1

Yeah, yeah, sure, so there’s a new character in a comic that hasn’t been updated since the last time my hair touched my shoulders. But hold on there, buckaroos. For the past few months I’ve had this little gem clipped to my drawing board. I mean, I will finish it. Soon.

Whyte Whine

We all know where this ends up.

Well – you probably already know the ending, so why bother finishing it?

Doodles, foodles, and shame

SAMSUNGSo I promised myself I’d keep this blog updated. And I’m kinda keeping that promise, like, in thought. And then I thought about how I can keep everything in one blog. I can’t seem to let go of either!

So there it is – doodles on tumblr, doodles on Instagram, and some leftovers here.

Sorry :(!

But anyhoo, this blog is too special to me to actually want to drop it. I almost thought of directing everything to my tumblr where everything’s kinda willy nilly there. All these feels. I can’t even. I can’t I CAN’T


While I still struggle with how I still want to utilize this blog – maybe you might catch some of my doodles I lazily share on Instagram which I have automatically post to my tumblr.

And speaking of tumblr – the Squires of Dimness are (kind of) back!

Post Halloween and The Sketchbook Project 2012

The undead are interested in current events, right?

I seriously meant to post this closer to Halloween – BUT I can say I posted the last two zombie Squires just in time!

Head over and see what an undead Squire Thorn prefers over coconut and how being undead doesn’t stop Squire D from keeping up with current news.

Speaking of Halloween – I actually made my costume this year! Wanna see? If you brave the additional posts, it’s pretty easy to see why I picked that fandom to base my costume (or rather, accessory) on. This was probably the first time I took a lot of time to make something I was proud to show off for Halloween. And it was definitely a ton of fun to make!

In additional creative news – I finally got the ball rolling on my Sketchbook Project 2012! My theme is “Sandwich”. Anything that has to do with edibles gets my attention. Any of you doing the project too?

Uh…so as a NIN fangirl, I’m REALLY behind on what Mr. Reznor is doing. But I did catch some teaser. And after cleaning up around my place I remembered an empty Moleskine notebook, and remembering Harriet’s diary gave me a brilliantly silly idea to create diary entries for our dear Squires. If they had anything interesting to write about. Welp, let’s see how that goes!