Sew What?

I’ve overcome a fear…and found a new addiction…

…in sewing!

Ok, yeah. I’ve already been sewing with just needle and thread. But I vowed earlier this year that I’d get around to moving on up to the sewing machine. Months later, I finally did!


My mom had this portable little machine she got as a gift many ages ago. And, as is my mantra (or something, am I using that word right?) – maximize the sources that are already available. Or – use up the crap I already have in layman’s terms.

Baby steps, remember? This machine’s not too fancy Β – only one stitch and two speeds: fast and ludicrous speed. But the stitches are pretty sturdy for what I needed. So here goes nothing!

First few tries with just making a Chibi Totoro…


Yeah..I can almost see it.


After resizing the eyes and taking things VERY slowly….

Your souls are ours now.

Now they look more like the creatures I’d chase up a camphor tree!


Of course, some hand-stitching is still involved – particularly the tails and after the stuffing. But, I’m sold – the sewing machine is no longer a thing to be feared. Maybe ones that have like, 300 stitches…

And now, I just can’t staaahp!

*slow motion walk*

Then, one day I got a little overconfident…

Let’s pretend this didn’t happen…

But from his death, a Chibi Totoro was born…

Aaaand, back to the Chibi Totoros. Β With so much felt I’ve acquired, I’ve been making Chibi Totoro plushies of different colors – and they’re all equally as cute.

Chibi Totoro Grey Scale.

Soon, I’ll graduate to a real sewing machine…you can watch me panic as I tweet and/or Instagram my progress!

What creative progress have you conquered or are starting your quest to conquer?

Happy making!




Water You Waiting For?

I’ve made a vow. A difficult vow.

A vow I’ll likely break the next time I step into an art supply store.


I vowed to only use the art supplies I already have…and RESIST *cries* giving in to temptation should I step into a Michael’s..or Flax…or peruse on the Blick’s site…

Which leads me to the set of watercolors I’ve, sometimes, put aside in favor of my markers. For the past few weeks I’ve come back to them and even bought a new watercolor pad.

Used a coupon at Michael’s. A justified purchase.

OK that didn’t count – I NEEDED that pad to use my watercolors!

Also – during the past two weeks, a pal and I gave ourselves themes to work on for our future art table adventures. So it was killing two birds with one stone for me.

A few weeks ago – we made ourselves draw Pokemon. Easy enough? Eh…a bit of a challenge when it’s something I don’t normally draw. But it was good practice all the same!

The cute route is a family-friendly route, right?

Week after – a Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki week – because…face it, those characters are forever.

When in doubt…TOTORO.

Chibi Totoro: NOPE

I want to say I’m improving, and I think I am. All I can say, it’s just fun. I like to think of this set of watercolors as having an unlimited palette of water-based markers.

Of course – my only gripe is the bit of waiting in between laying down color to dry. Otherwise – I love the blending and layering.

Next: Ren Eboshi

The Good: I’m putting mileage on this watercolor set. I’m seeing some improvements – aka – I’m a bit more patient between color applications.

The Bad: It’s got me looking at watercolor supplies which I…don’t…don’t…need! But WANT!

Is there a watercolor set or brand you favor?

Follow along my watercoloring adventures on my Twitter and Instagram!


Challenge accepted…

So sometime last week a pal and fellow artist tagged me in a 3×5 challenge and I gracefully accepted. For those who are unfamiliar with the challenge – the tagged artist shares three pieces of artwork each day for five days and also tags another artist each day. Artwork shared can be old and/or new!

It’s a pretty neat way to get your artist pals to show off their work and to get to know new artists.

The pieces I shared was mostly old stuff – crafts, writing prompts, old doodles, and photos. My friend tagged me on Facebook which was a bit of a scare since not too many folks who are in touch with me there know I do this kind of thing. My 3×5 posts were primarily shared on my Tumblr and Twitter.

Take a gander at a few of the things I shared:


DIRIGIBLE CROSSING! From my first Arthouse Co-op Sketchbook Project: Dirigibles and Submersibles.

These guys pretended to be in a band before it was cool.

These guys pretended to be in a band before it was cool.

Won't you be my neighbor? For a time, these two were my first Instagram stars.

Won’t you be my neighbor? For a time, these two were my first Instagram stars.

That challenge was a nice walk down memory lane and reminded me that, ya know, I don’t do too bad in all kinds of art!

If you’re on Tumblr, swing by and check out all five days of my challenge:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

Should you ever be tagged in the challenge, I hope you accept!

If you’ve been following along in my #DoodleADay 365 journey on my Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr – I’m almost at the home stretch! Less than 20 days to go until I close the loop. After that, I’ll continue on – likely with a #DailyDoodles tag. Stay tuned!


Will you trade with me, #OneLastTime?


Takoyaki anyone?

I’ve taken up making Artist Trading Cards (ATC) again. Rather, I’ve found a pack of unopened cards of various stock – and, as is my mantra or something – use only what you have.

That probably made no sense. Good news- my cards are up for trade! They always were up for trade it’s that…uh…I haven’t blabbed about it until last week.

Sound like a deal? It will only cost you a stamp! or stamps if you’re living anywhere that isn’t ‘Murica.

Please, peruse the various cards I’ve been posting on my Instagram. I’ve even dug up my old ones! Whoa! Slow down there! I’ve only got a limited stock. Take a number, have a potato.

Crossovers. When two of your favorite fandoms collide – what’s not to love. It’s like going to a show and the opening act is another favorite band. It’s like pizza topped with fries. A grilled cheese with a runny fried egg fried right in the middle. Am I right? No?

If you don’t get out much like I do, a lot of crossover ideas come around. My favorite crossovers that I love to doodle, if you haven’t noticed in previous posts are The Hobbit and Skyrim. C’mon – both have dragons, magic, elves, dudes who hate elves, elves who hate dudes, and wheels of cheese.


Spoiler: Bilbo absorbs the soul of that one dragon. I’ll leave it up to you to guess which dragon. Starts with an “S”.

Of course, I want in on the whole #OneLastTime trend – some of my previous #DoodleADay drawings included a crossover with some familiar line.

Other crossovers had Bilbo in the world of Miyazaki – flying on Totoro or coming across a sootball.

Got any ideas where Bilbo and the company do some sort of thing (preferably badass and/or silly) #OneLastTime?

Been trying to think up of a Star Wars crossover – but the only scene I could think of is the Vader vs. Luke scene right where it becomes an awkward family reunion. How appropriate would “Join the Dark Side #OneLastTime” be?

Aliens vs. Bilbo?



He’s almost literally a butthead. Now you can’t unsee it. Unless you already saw it. Dangit.

Who’s back? Squires of Dimness are back, that’s who.


With my doodles seeing an improvement in using lining pens I revisited the ever-absent SoD. Their designs are about the same, but it’s great seeing them in better skin tones and solid lines.

As for comics coming back…uh…I’ll get back to you on that.

The nice thing with my abundance of extra time is that a new comic may come…soon. Scared yet?

If you’d like to refresh your memory of these losers, head over here where you’ll see my latest adventure in cross-dressing these guys.

Going old school, felt crafts, new SOD, and The Sketchbook Project!

Light & Magic Helen trading card

Light & Magic Helen trading card

I’ve been up to a lot lately – creatively, that is! But I’ve been slacking on blogging, at least on here, sadly. So prepare for one of the longest updates I’ve ever made!

Doodle-wise, my sketchbooks have been getting plenty of love. So, I’m not really into today’s popular anime. I’m one of the folks who are just too attached to the styles with dreamy eyes and flowing hair seen in old Japanese cartoons like Voltron or, my most favorite Robotech (Macross). So I tried channeling the likes of those artists and began doing some doodles.

These doodles are inspired by Mira & Helen from Ladytron – rather, their Light & Magic/604 look with exaggerated hair features. Or, I should be more specific, Helen from their Blue Jeans video. It’s that hair and uniform I can’t resist! The Mira drawing is inspired a lot by those weird curls the character Minmay from Robotech/Macross would have.

Since I mentioned cards, here are a few newer SoD in YZ uniform cards featuring Squire Whyte and Squire C. It was only fair these two be featured on an another card in alternate poses since Thorn and D had two of their own.
YZ Squire Whyte and Squire C trading cards

And while we’re on the subject of the SoD – I’ve posted a few new comics! And to keep up with my tradition of having my viewers run all over the interwebs I’ve posted one in the archives blog and one in my deviantART page. I know I kind of vowed to never draw Thorn as the pseudo-gothling, Halloween is coming around and this was as Halloweeny as I can get for now. He’s discovered the thesaurus, much to the chagrin of his fellow Squires. The other comic features my Lunch is Resistance blog “mascot” – the Lunch Lady (as I’m calling her from now on) giving Squire C a lesson in better eating.

I promise, one of these days everything will be consolidated in ONE page. One of these days.

But anyway, in non-doodly projects, I’ve been on a bit of a Miyazaki kick. A while ago, I made a Kodama-shaped rice ball, and this weekend I’ve been making a bunch of chibi Totoro felt buddies.

Chibi Totoro felt buddies

Chibi Totoro felt buddies

Originally I was set on making a few felt mascots from the Aranzi Aronzo book, but I was getting a little too lazy to deal with French knots and cutting out felt limbs. Then I figured, since I have an abundant supply of white felt, why not try to make the smallest Totoro? These guys even have tails! And another funny fact- I put myself through the trouble of making French knots for the pupils of their eyes because I make them sloppy enough that they end up becoming the perfect size. In addition to little felt buddies, I made some greeting cards. Been a busy afternoon!

Chibi Totoro Cards

Chibi Totoro cards

And before I close off this huge update, thought I’d mention that I’m participating in The Sketchbook Project 2011 by Art House Co-op! These sketchbooks will go on tour starting March of next year. Hopefully you’ll catch a glimpse of mine! Want to participate? Click the image below!
The Sketchbook Project: 2011The theme I’m doing, by the way is “Dirigibles and submersibles”. I’m so excited!